Lance Armstrong and Other Doping Cyclists

The disgraced Texan has plenty of company in the ranks of cyclists who have been found to have used illegal substances or received blood transfusions.

Por ,  01/17/13 - 9:37am
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Lance Armstrong’s long road to redemption begins in earnest Thursday with the disgraced cyclist’s hotly anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In the interview Armstrong confesses to what he vehemently denied for more than a decade: he doped.

As our sports editor José-Luis Sanchez Pando has noted, the consequences for this truth-telling, however complete, could be significant.

Lawsuits, the loss of millions of dollars and potential jail time could face the Texan whose seemingly miraculous story of recovering from cancer to win one of the sporting world’s most grueling events a record seven consecutive times inspired cancer survivors and others around the world.

To be fair to Armstrong, he is neither the first nor the last cyclist to have been found to have use banned substances or to have received blood transfusions.

With all respect to José-Luis, who strongly defended the innocence of Spanish countryman Alberto Contador, here is a gallery of some, but by no means all, elite cyclists who have received sanctions for doping.