Talking Postville, Iowa and family reunification with Luis Argueta

A screengrab from "abUSed"

Earlier this afternoon, we hosted acclaimed Guatemalan filmmaker Luis Argueta at the Hoy office.

During the interview, Luis and I discussed “abUSed: The Postville Raid,” a documentary Argueta produced about the notorious immigration raid of a Kosher meat plant in Iowa.

Argueta’s in town to screen the documentary at DePaul. 

In addition to the film, we discussed Argueta’s past as a commercial-maker (his most famous ad, he said, included Oscar de La Hoya and aired during the Super Bowl) and his future projects. Argueta’s working with a woman from small-town Minnesota on a family reunification project.

This summer, Argueta and the woman, Lisa Kremer, plan to take a group of immigrants’ children on a trip to Guatemala to meet their grandparents for the first time. That project is called Abuelos y Nietos Juntos.

You can watch our interview with Luis here.



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