Daily Roundup: MJ turns 50, sex trafficking in Little Village and a West Side drug ring

A view of the brothel Gregory Pratt examines in his story for Hoy. (Samuel Vega, Hoy)

Happy Sunday.

It’s a bit of a slow news day here, besides all the fanfare being made on the occasion of Michael Jeffrey Jordan turning 50 years old today. Hoy’s own José Luis Sánchez Pando, Blake Vaz and Roger Morales are at the NBA All-Star Game to cover the weekend festivities.

Here in Chicago, we’ve been treated to a pair of in-depth looks at crime rings.

Gregory Pratt breaks down the social architecture of a sex trafficking operation in Little Village. Drawing on court records, police reports and shoe-leather reporting, Greg poses the disturbing question of how such an operation could have sprung up in a quiet and comparatively crime-free neighborhood.

Fans of Chicago Reader stalwart Mick Dumke won’t be disappointed with his latest cover story, Anatomy of a Heroin Ring. In the piece he explains how “Dana Bostic’s gang-affiliated west-side drug organization employed dozens of residents, served thousands of customers, established ties with Mexican drug cartels, and relied on violence to stay in business.”

It is worth nothing that in both cases the specific criminal enterprise has been stopped, but the problem continues.

Both stories are worth reading when you’re not celebrating MJ’s birthday.

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