Elena Poniatowska and the need for more women writers

05/19/14 3:59pm

Last month, Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska received the Cervantes prize in Spain. This is the most important award that any writer can receive in the Spanish language. It is similar to the Nobel Prize for Literature. Más

Are the republican governor candidates going to raise taxes?

02/6/14 10:22am

So it sure sounds like the GOP candidates for governor are looking for more money from taxpayers, not unlike many Democrats. Más

Enduring Rifts, Part III: Young Changers Make Their Mark in Chile

12/10/13 7:44pm

A group of Chileans who grew up during and after the dictatorship are working to help change the country. Más

R.I.P., Nelson Mandela

12/5/13 4:35pm

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the man who spent 27 years in prison before becoming the nation’s first democratically elected black president, has died. He was 95 years old. Más

Directors of Tough Bond discuss the filming process and experience in Kenya

11/14/13 12:03pm

Interview with Tough Bond directors Anneliese Vandenberg and Austin Peck during the Chicago International Film Festival Más

Chilean Chronicles, Part 8: Viva La Mundial

10/23/13 11:38am

Chile's qualifying for the 2014 World Cup elicited intense emotion among Chileans. Más

Chilean Chronicles, Part 7: Leandro Drives Us Around Rio

10/20/13 8:19am

A driver showed us more than beautiful sights in Rio. Más

Chilean Chronicles, Part 6: Carlo Gutierrez and the Fight for Emails

10/4/13 7:52am

Carlo Gutierrez thought getting emails from public officials would be a straightforward matter. Más


09/24/13 8:55am

LIVE: Jim Lecinski, Vice President,U.S. Sales for Google, Inc., brings over 20 years of integrated marketing and online/offline advertising experience. Más

SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK SEO Strategies for PR & Social Media

09/23/13 3:56pm

LIVE Cramer-Krasselt Director of Interactive/Search and PR Daily “SEO for PR” expert Nick Papagiannis provides the latest updates in search marketing tactics. Más

SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK Chicago Startup Stories: Secrets for success

09/23/13 3:55pm

LIVE: Learn about the good, the bad and the ugly of launching your own startup during the Social Media Week. Más

Chilean Chronicles, Part IV: The Colors of Valparaiso

09/20/13 10:37am

Valparaiso has a glorious palette of colors. Más

Chilean Chronicles, Part III: Visting La Chascona

08/16/13 10:32am

We visited our first of Pablo Neruda´s three homes. Más

Chilean Chronicles, Part III: Edmundo Verdugo Carnitas and the Treasures of Quinta Vergara

08/6/13 11:58am

Twinkle-toed dancer Edmundo Verdugo is 97 years old. Más

Chilean Chronicles, Part II: From House Sale in Evanston to a One Bedroom Apartment in Santiago

08/1/13 8:53am

We´ve moved from a relatively large house to a tiny apartment. Más