Yugoslavian Holocaust survivor revisits past in art, inspires hope

01/15/13 10:46am

Ava Kadishson Schieber fled her hometown of Novi Sad, Serbia in 1949 when it was overrun by Nazis and later subjugated by the communist regime that the artist and writer could begin a new life and express her creativity. Más

How the Census blurs cultural identity, language

11/19/12 12:37pm

The U.S. Census Bureau is not distinguishing among several languages and nations of former Yugoslavia, hitting a sensitive nerve for many people. Más

How we’re skirting around the core of public school reform

11/18/12 11:30am

You can read the report online, but this was just my two cents worth of what was said and not said beyond the print of a glossy 30-page brochure I’m skeptical most parents would read anyway. Or at least the ones that should. Más

Contribuciones a las campañas presidenciales vs. PIB

10/23/12 12:58pm

Hasta finales de septiembre, las campañas del presidente Barack Obama, de Mitt Romney y las organizaciones que los apoyan habían recaudado casi $2,000 millones. La cantidad es superior al PIB en 35 países. Más